Ok, so I guess one cannot agrue that South Africa is the best country in the world. (If you meet a person that has that opinion, back away slowly and don’t make any sudden moves.) However, that does not mean one needs to hammer on all the negative points all the way.

The reasons unbeknownst to me, there is basically only one radio station that plays my taste of music and for which I have good reception at my house. Now there is this DJ in the afternoons on this radio station. He’s very popular, judging from all the awards he wins. But, oh dear, does he ever love to wallow in the mud. If it’s not about the number of serial killers that are prowling around our neighbourhoods, then it is about the latest corruption scandal in the government or the most horrific way that somebody died somewhere.

It is starting to affect me. I’ve noticed that I’m becoming wary to go out or worried about the future situation that I may have to face. Even grocery shopping has a raised level of stress, simply because I’m trying to avoid certain situations that I heard about on radio.

This is not helping. If the discussion about these negetive aspect could somehow lead one to improve the situation somehow, then one could understand and even welcome such discussions. But, in general one cannot do anything about these things. So, it only serves to upset me. If it upsets me it surely upsets more people, because I’m sure there are a large number of people listening to this radio station during the afternoon drive home. What is the long term affect of such negativity? A general mistrust in our fellow citizens? More people walking around with guns? An increase in the number of people emigrating to Australia?

Now, I do understand that the name of the game is to attract as much reaction as possible to increase the ratings. However, does this have to be at the cost of our general well-being? Why not rather focus on the positive aspects of this country? Surely, there is enough that is uplifting which one can talk about.

The day will come when I’m going to buy a bigger antenna so that I can tune into a different radio station. Either that or a one-way ticket.