Feel holidays

Ever seen the Eiffel tower? No, not a photo of it. The real thing. With your own eyes. Was it a big deal? Or perhaps the Victoria falls? There are many things in this world to see and many people spend large amounts of money to go on trips to see these things. They would take photos when they are there and come back to tell everybody about how amazing that was. Perhaps that makes one feel … mmm, I should save up some money to go on a trip to see it myself. With my own eyes.

Well, due to the nature of my work, I often get opportunities to go some places. Some times these places include some amazing sights. Things that one has seen photos of and that are famous for some reason. For instance, not too long ago, I had the opportunity to go to Paris for a conference and then had some time to go sightseeing.

So there I found myself looking at the Eiffel tower with my own eyes. Yes, it is different from seeing a photo of it. One gets a real perspective of its size. One can also get a sense of its surroundings, which somehow adds to the sensation. I didn’t go up in the tower. That is not something I’d enjoy due to my fear of heights. So what else is there to do about it? Oh, I can take a photo or two, or ten if you like. So I did that. What else? Well that’s just it. Once you’ve seen it, took the pics, bought the t-shirt, perhaps went up, its done. Somehow all that leaves me a bit vacant.

It is not only the case for the Eiffel tower. Any sightseeing that may be associated with some famous place in the world just does not appeal to me that much. There is simply not so much to it for me. Perhaps other people feel differently about it. People often still have that wow-feeling that they had when they were small, but somehow I’ve lost that. I do not get wow-ed by seeing famous sights.

As a result, any holiday that is designed arround going to some place to do sightseeing simply does not succeed in being a great holiday for me. So, such expensive overseas trips are a complete waste of money, as far as I am concerned.

That does not mean that all overseas trip are like that. It depends what one is looking for. I’ve recently discovered a different kind of overseas trip. These trips are not about what you see but rather about what you feel. So I call them feel holidays. These holidays are for instance planned arround going to see friends or family that live in other countries. It makes one feel happy, feel companionship, feel love. Often one may feel emotions that one haven’t felt in a long while. That makes them worthy holidays for me, much more valuable than sightseeing holidays.

I’m currently having such a feel holiday. Perhaps I’ll tell you about it some other time.