Favourite painting

What is it about a particular picture that attracts you? I’m talking about pictures of people you know. Just think of that picture of a landscape or a still life. It could be a portrait of a person.

What would be the reason why why that picture carry such a special meaning? It could be the style of painting, the artistic nature, or the mood of the painting.

Often it is because one associates something beyond the picture with it. Perhaps there was an event that is captured by the scene depicted in it. Perhaps you met somebody on those very steps depicted in the cityscape. Maybe the pot in that still life looks just like the one your grandmother use to have.

Whatever the reason, usually it has some to do with an emotion. The picture captures that emotion and when you look at it you remember that emotion. It may be a sad emotion, but it is unlikely that this would be your favourite picture if the memory of that emotion causes pain. So, chances are that the emotion captured by the picture is a positive one. It make you feel good or happy to look at that picture.

I have such a favourite picture sitting just above my work desk, but I’m not going to show it too you. It may just reveal a bit too much about myself.

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