Politically jaded

Yes, when it comes to politics, I don’t count myself among the most enthusiastic. This is perhaps surprising in view of the fact that I live in one of the most politically turbulent countries in the world. Well, that is also precisely to reason. Being inundated with politics over the media on a constant basis, one eventually becomes jaded.

So, why am I writing about this? It is in response to a recent blog post. Sorry Son, I missed it when you posted it and now it is a bit late to leave a comment. So, let my make an exception and say what I think about these things.

My advise? Turn off your radio when the news comes on. If one cannot do anything about all those terrible things, then what is the point of knowing about them? All that happens is that one becomes upset, depressed, anxious, and have all sorts of such negative emotions. It affects one’s health and still the situation remains the same.

The funny thing is that one tends to have a vague idea about what is going on anyway. One may not know the details, but I’ve learned over the years that the truth about the detail is often different from what one is being told.

How are we to treat our fellow human in this country? Here I’m going to be very Biblical about it: Love your neighbour as you love yourself. What if he is your enemy and hides hatred behind his smile? Love you enemies as well, do not repay hatred with hatred.

Yes, despited the fact that the government is screwing up severely, they still remain in power. Evidently, we don’t really have a democracy. After being in power for a quarter of a century, the majority of people still live in poverty. I have a theory about that. Since these poor destitute people form the power base for the current government, it is not in the government’s interest to uplift them. So, perhaps it is a secret policy of the government to maintain a large ignorant poor destitute population to ensure that these destitute people will again vote them into power at the next election in the false hope that it will improve there condition. It is also in my view why education is such a disaster in this country.

I cannot do anything about that, at least not in the short term. All I can do is to contribute my little part to make the world a better place in as far as I have an influence. I set a good example; educate those that I am in contact with; spread love and ignore the hated. OK, I also maintain a blog and have even written a book, but if that makes a big difference then I don’t see it.

In the very long term, perhaps several generations from now, things will get better. Whether my culture will still exist in this country, I don’t know. Probably not. On the other hand, perhaps civilization would have fallen all around world by that time.

Who knows?

2 thoughts on “Politically jaded

  1. Hoe langer mens lewe hoe meer kom mens agter dat mens moet kompromeer. Dis nie hoe mens dit sou verkies nie, maar dit is nou maar soos dit is. Ek is nogsteeds ‘n optimis. Ek sien dit nie bietjie anders.

  2. Jy is soooo reg. Ek weet wat is die beste vir my en myne in die kort termyn, maar ek kan nie help om te wens dit was anders nie. Ek was altyd die ewige optimis. Dis sleg as mens besef jy het jou optimisme verloor.

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