Beach holidays

On occasion, the situation at work may prevent you from taking leave as regularly as you would have liked. It then happens that you get to a point where you are so tired within the core of your soul that you absolutely need a holiday. When you’ve reach this point, what you need is not just any holiday. No, you absolutely have to get the kind of holiday that would be able to cleanse you soul of all the clutter that it has accumulated.

What kind of holiday would that be for you? Some people want to go on expensive overseas trips. Others prefer sea cruises. One can have those sight seeing tours where you come back with a thousand photographs. Perhaps you like to go on a safari in a game reserve.

Rocks at Margate

For me, it needs to include the seaside. So typically, when I’ve reached this level of exhaustion, I book myself a place close to a beach. I don’t need to lie on the beach for hour getting tanned to a crisp. I just need to see the surf and look at the constant activity of the sea. Perhaps I’ll sit on the beach for an hour reading a book. I may take a swim, but that’s not a requirement. In fact, I don’t even care whether it is sunny or rainy. It doesn’t really matter, as long as there is surf. At night you fall asleep to the sound of surf breaking on the rocks. Everywhere you can smell the sea.

For some reason, my soul needs that activity of the water to get itself cleanse of all the knots and clutter that has accumulated from all the stress and frustration that the work situation tends to produce. After I’ve spent a few days near or at the beach, I can feel that my soul starts to relax. Then eventually, I have the energy to go back again and face those challenges.

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